Bulk Viral Image Generator for Social Media Domination..

Automate Content Creation. Generate Unlimited Social Media Images!

Content Lamp is the Social Media Marketer's Dream come true. Unlimited VIRAL, SHAREABLE, INSPIRATIONAL image generation in Record Time! This invention is comparable to the invention of the Gatling Machine Gun in 1861..

A 'share-worthy image' that you upload on Instagram could travel all over cyberspace, to twitter, to whatsapp, telegram, you never know how many thousands of people will see it. And imagine multiplying this a hundred times over.

How does it work? You load any simple images you have (or you can buy a set of 500 or even 1000 royalty free images from the publisher of ContentLamp) . You load your product images. You load your text file with some inspirational sayings. If you want to add any foreground images you can. Hit RUN. The ContentLamp then churns out viral images that gives you the vital ‘ammo’ you need to win the social media battle. Dominate your niche , whether it be Instagram or Pinterest or Twitter.

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Would You Like To Be Able To Use Google Ads To Their Fullest Potential WITHOUT Having To Spend Thousands Of Dollars On Hiring Expensive Google Ads Specialists?

“The Google Ads Cookbook” Will Provides You With EVERYTHING You Need To Know In Order To Properly And Successfully Market Your Products Using Google Ads!

Download and Read Today. This is the A-B-C-D of Google Ads. Learn the basic techniques first, so that you empower yourself to fight in the modern day marketing arena, which is no less treacherous than the Colosseum of ancient Rome ! This book is worth every cent you spend on it. If you prefer, you can also find the beautiful print edition on

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An intuitive and simple expense and income software for windows, a must have for every entrepreneur and online businessperson.

Track and Organize Your Spending Habits, in the privacy of your own computer

Easy, quick and intuitive ways to enter data. Effortless interpretation of data – know where your money came from, where it went and what it has accomplished. If you are an entrepreneur you must have discovered by now how hard it is to keep track of all the expenses that seem to come at you from every angle, and somehow overwhelm your income.

Stop getting lost in the fancy mirrored corridors of conventional ‘professional accounting software’ that does everything except give you a clear picture. Checkbook Pro does what an old fashioned paper checkbook used to do, but better. You will never be at a loss as to where exactly your finances really are.

Be sure to watch the detailed Tutorial for a simple explanation on how to use Checkbook Pro. Also check out the RECEIPT SCANNER app for android, a fast and simple receipt scanner that then transfers those receipts to your PC using your wifi connection!

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Facebook Advertising Made Simple


Advertising on facebook can be daunting, if you are not experienced and you do not know the ins and outs of it. You could potentially waste a lot of money, or even worse your account could be crippled or limited as facebook penalizes you with one of their hard to comprehend algorithms.

This is a simple, no fluff, no wasted hours , to the point educational program on FACEBOOK ADVERTISING, which is perhaps one of the fastest and most efficient means to get traffic to your website or product.

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